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Astro News by Marilyn Campbell


                        2015 ANNUAL FORECASTS

When it comes to a long-range forecast that needs to be generalized for a large number of people, the metaphysical tool I find to be most accurate is numerology. For personal comparison purposes, 2014 equals "7", the number that has two distinctly different interpretations depending on one's behavior in the previous years—either positive spiritual connections and psychic expansion or challenging upheaval and confrontations due to situations one has been avoiding. 2015 equals "8", the number of  rewards being paid for work previously done. Below you'll find the key to discovering the numerology affecting you personally in 2015, but first here are the astrological factors that could help you do some advance planning.

Since Mercury rules travel as well as technology, it's always helpful to know when that planet is going to be retrograde before planning vacations. In 2015, the weeks that could be troublesome are: 1/21-2/11, 5/19-6/11 and 9/17-10/9.

Next in importance to me is where Saturn will be hanging out because The Karmic Lord, or Teacher, as the ringed planet is called, tends to put its host through a series of trials and tribulations. Though the tests are individually designed to help the student address and grow past their personal karma, Saturn's extended stay can be a heavy burden, especially if the person is resistant to growth. Saturn was in Scorpio from October 2012 to December 2014. A bit of good news for all you Scorpions, if you learned your lesson, a reward will be coming your way very soon. Saturn has now moved into Sagittarius, and will remain there until December, 2017. As Sag people tend to be less hindered by the rules and regulations of others, Saturn's visit may only be an annoyance to them. However, if you have a Sag person intimately in your life, you can expect some fallout from Saturn's attempt to teach that person a lesson.

Be aware, even if you aren't a Sag, Saturn's placement in your natal chart (the map to how the heavens were situated at the time of your birth) alerts you to the karmic issue you are challenged with throughout your life. Plus, if you have Sagittarius influencing one of your houses in that natal chart, you should be prepared to have some challenges in that particular life category while Saturn is in Sag.

Equal in influence to Saturn is Jupiter, known as The Great Benefactor (I call him the Fairy Godfather). Jupiter supports dreams and goals, particularly those involving one's career. Jupiter has been in Leo since last summer, but it's been hampered by its retrograde position since early December. The big guy goes direct again April 8th so Lions will have four and a half months to use Jupiter's supportive energy to achieve an important career goal. Pay attention Lions—it's been 12 years since you've had this kind of supportive energy! Make the most of it before it moves on. Then, on August 12, all that sparkling goodness shifts to Virgo for a year. 

As with Saturn, it's helpful to know were Jupiter lies in your personal natal chart, especially if you're compelled to change careers.

I will keep you posted on the dates of the New Moons, Full Moons and eclipses in my various posts.

And now, back to numerology and what it means to you in the year ahead. http://passionatereads.wordpress.com/wp-includes/js/tinymce/plugins/wordpress/img/trans.gif

Very simply, numerology is the study of numbers and their connection to the human experience. Within this study, our lives are divided into nine-year cycles, with each year carrying a specific energy, advantage or challenge. One important note—each numerological year runs from birthday to birthday, not January to December. That said, the following will help you calculate your current and upcoming year numbers in order to glimpse what 2015 has in store for you.

The first step in utilizing numerology is to condense the number in question (regardless of how many digits it initially contains) down to a single digit between “1” and “9”. This is done using simple addition.
In order to see what the coming year has in store for you, you need to know what number year you are in at this time and what energy you will be moving into on your next birthday. To figure that out, the calculation is made using your last birthday.

For example, if your last birthday was November 6, 2014, the following would be the method of determining the energy or purpose of your current year:

A. Write down the last birth date in numerical form with plus signs in between each whole number:
11 + 6 + 2014

B. Each portion of the date must now be condensed to a single digit. The day is the 6th, which is already a single digit. To reduce the month and the year to single digits, add the individual digits together:
Month: 11 becomes 1 + 1 = 2
Year: 2 + 0 + 1 + 4 = 7

C. Now you have three single digits that need to be added together:
Month: 2
Day: 6

Year: 7

Adds up to 15

D. Since the total is a double-digit number, it still needs to be condensed to one:
15: 1 + 5 = 6

Thus, if your last birthday was November 6, 2014, you are currently in a “6” year and will be moving into a “7” energy next November.
The last step is to find out what your year number means in terms of what you can expect to be the focus of your life for that year.

1 - Beginning of a new 9-year cycle, fresh starts, leadership, new ideas or plans
2  - Relationship issues (for better or worse), duality, double duty, options between two things or people
3 - Playtime, free spiritedness, taking risks, gambling, good luck
4 - Hard, possibly tedious or exhausting work, no time to relax let alone play, but if used positively lays the foundation for something strong and lasting
5 - Changes, transitions, halfway point in a cycle or major project, fine-tuning and making adjustments in long-term plans
6 - Domestic peace or harmony, comfortable home environment, rest and recuperation
7 - Depending on previous responses to situations or behavior leading up to this year, either upheaval and confrontations regarding issues being ignored or positive spiritual connections and psychic expansion
8 - Rewards for work done, favors returned, reaping the harvest of seeds previously sown
9 - Endings, conclusions, cleaning, de-cluttering, making space (literally or figuratively) for a new cycle

Happy 2015! I hope yours is wonderfully rewarding!




The Sun Sign, which is based on your date of birth, is only a piece of what makes you you, astrologically speaking, but it’s the part that is most familiar. Here’s how I interpret the signs from a Sexyscope point of view. You may want to note what the sign’s traditional image and key word means on a sexual level.

AriesARIES - March 21 to April 19 – The Ram - ACTION

Wham! Bam! Thank you, ma’am. Aries is the charge-full-speed-ahead sign, often without thinking the attack all the way through. Like any good military-type, romantic gestures and lengthy foreplay are merely a means to the final takeover. Don’t expect long-term loyalty with this one. Once the hill has been taken it’s no longer interesting. A full sub-dom relationship is the only kind an Aries will keep coming back to.

TaurusTAURUS - April 20 to May 20 – The Bull - POSSESSION

Taureans are seldom adventurous in the bedroom but they have the longest endurance of all the signs. They can be counted on for a good solid encounter that lasts hours or even all weekend long. They can be coerced into trying almost anything if the partner is exceptionally beautiful. The expression “hung like a bull” is often accurately descriptive of male Taureans. Stubborn is an innate trait for this sign but a pretty face, hot body or elegant gift will get them to be more open-minded.

GeminiGEMINI - May 21 to June 20 – The Twins - VARIETY

Have you had a menage-a-trois lately? Geminis are known for having two distinct personalities so it’s natural for them to want two very different relationships simultaneously…both at once is even better. This is the sign of the artist and talker. Phone sex is over the top with a Gemini, who often has a sexy voice to begin with. If you want to hold onto a Gemini, consider a costume or wig, that when you wear it you “act” like a person opposite of yourself.

CancerCANCER - June 21 to July 22 – The Crab - TENACITY

There can be no big finish for a Cancer without the romantic attachment and plenty of talented foreplay. Lots of kissing is imperative and those born under this sign are usually really good at giving as good as they get. Cancers are natural caretakers and respond beautifully to being taken care of. These people are the forever kind. Promise them happily-ever-after and they’ll follow you into hell and back. Break that promise and the Cancer may retreat into his/her shell for a very long time. However, be warned, all that devotion and dependability comes with major mood swings and a dose of hypochondria.

LeoLEO - July 23 to August 22 – The Lion – EGO

Want to turn on a Leo? Massage the ego before, during and after massaging any body parts. It’s not just helpful, Leos are addicted to compliments and assurance of their power. A partner who learns to tell pretty lies about a Leo’s appearance and position in their world will usually be well rewarded. The hottest sex for a Leo is outdoors on a sunny day…and if a few hikers just happen to catch the show, so much the better.

VirgoVIRGO - August 23 to September 22 – The Virgin - VIRTUE

Virgos are the least promiscuous sign of the zodiac so once they have chosen a mate, they will never look at another. Unfortunately that’s often because they are convinced that very few people are able to satisfy them the way they want it to be done. The ultimate sexual experience for the virgin involves handcuffs and restrictive leather trappings.

LibraLIBRA - September 23 to October 22 – The Scales - HARMONY

A Libra is often called a hopeless romantic and the most loyal friend anyone can have. On the down side, they are not known for being inventive sex partners. Rough or even overly aggressive sex can actually be a turn-off. The only purpose conflict and arguing serves in their life is to give them something to mediate or resolve. But they love words, so talk dirty to them and you might be surprised by what comes out of (or goes into) their mouths. A Libra requires balance in all things and thus needs to be on top as often as the bottom.

ScorpioSCORPIO - (October 23 to November 21 – The Scorpion - PLOTTING

An alternate key word given for Scorpio is SEX! They want it, they need it, they do whatever they have to do to get it, but best of all, they are usually very, very good at it. Because a Scorpio never makes a move without a detailed plan for assured success, knowing more than the average human about how to arouse and satisfy a partner is almost instinctive. Scorpios rarely settle for mediocrity in anything. It’s good to keep in mind that once these people choose a mate they are incredibly faithful and protective…until they feel betrayed, then the key phrase becomes, “Be afraid, be very afraid.”

SagittariusSAGITTARIUS - November 22 to December 21 – The Centaur/Hunter - FREEDOM

Sagittarians do it in the car, they do it in the elevator, they are probably members of the mile high club. The more unplanned and spontaneous the encounter, the hotter it is, both for the Sag and his or her flavor of the day. This is the sign most likely to experiment with the non-traditional areas of sex play just for the sake of experience. You can count on a Sag to cheat on you but you probably won’t care because this one is so damn much fun to be with, whether for a day, a month or a lifetime. Just don’t hold on too tightly.

CapricornCAPRICORN - December 22 to January 19 – The Goat - AMBITION

Often called the workaholic of the zodiac, Capricorns tend to approach all of life in a business-like manner. They have a healthy interest in sex but work responsibilities tend to come first. Capricorns rationalize having affairs with co-workers because they can have a quickie in the supply closet and get right back to their desks. On the other hand, when they do carve out time for romance, they tend to work really, really hard to make sure the job at hand is completely finished before moving on.

AquariusAQUARIUS - January 20 to February 18 – The Water-Bearer – INDEPENDENCE

Aquarians make good friends but are slow to become intimate. They are more comfortable living alone than any other sign and will do without sex rather than getting physical without a mental connection. Although they are known to be cool and aloof, once they have chosen a partner, they turn steaming hot. A strange blend of high tech and new age, an Aquarian will be the first to bring toys into the bedroom or to implement the ancient wisdom of kama sutra.

PiscesPISCES - February 19 to March 20 – 2 Opposite Swimming Fish - TEMPERANCE

This is the go-with-the-flow sign. A Piscean is not so much submissive as wonderfully agreeable. The how and where of sex isn’t as important as enjoying the contact. There are always a number of movies running in the Pisces brain so it takes a pretty inventive partner to hold onto Pisces’ attention. Sex play in water is a specialty of the fish.

For a personal astrological natal profile, refer to Marilyn's Psychic Services page or click on the link below.

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